Other Services

We do much more than just design and manufacture great speaker systems or instrument speaker cabs.
We also have many years experience in the following fields:

  • Music Production

  • Mixing and Mastering:

  • Location Audio Recording:

  • FIlm & Video Post Sound:

  • Studio Design & Construction:

  • Consulting & Referrals:

Music Production:

We have the expertise, team, knowledge and affiliated network of talented producers,
musicians and studios to cater for almost any style of music production and budget.
For more information please see the Vociferous Music website.

Mixing and Mastering:

"I love every phase of creating music and capturing the creation as a recorded work.
The mixing and mastering stages are particularly critical and challenging;they can and should enhance
a recorded work so that it's presented in it's best possible form.

However, these stages are part science and part alchemy and it takes years of dedication to master
either skill, let alone both. After many years and having been fortunate enough to learn
from some amazing mentors in Los Angeles, I can comfortably and confidently say I'm a "Master".
A master Final Mix & Digital Mastering engineer and a true master never stops learning." - Rokk Lattanzio.
Once again please go to the Vociferous Music website for more info.

Location Audio Recording:

Whether it be TV, Independent Film or any Live Melbourne Event you want recorded, you should
contact Rob Hornbuckle. Rob has many years experience as a sound guy in the Melbourne TV
and Independent Film industries and all the gear required to get the job done right.
He's also plays a mean Bass and Hammond Organ but that's for another chapter.

FIlm & Video Post Sound


Studio Design & Construction


All Audio Consulting & Referrals

Our many years of experience and ever expanding network of trusted professional acquaintances
and friends (both in  Australia and the USA), puts us in a unique position to be able to give you expert
advice on any aspect of acoustic design, music production or audio equipment & technology.
Whether it be choice of equipment or getting the most out of your existing gear.
Improving the layout and acoustic environment of your studio, night club, home theatre or rehearsal room.
Designing and building a recording studio from the ground up.
Or any live sound reinforcement needs
rest assured someone in our network will.