LC-8 Studio Monitor

Featuring a very unique profile and design philosophy this dynamic, accurate
two-way monitor is a leap froward in compact studio monitor performance.
A pair of LC-8 monitors is designed to operate either as stand alone near field
monitors or form part of a larger full range main monitoring system when coupled
with a pair of our TL-10 subs.


8" Bass/Mid Enclosures 

These enclosures are typically sealed multi driver cabinets
in various configurations becoming part of a larger modular mainmonitor system.
The most common configuration is 2 x 8".


Lattanzio Tonesaver Guitar Cabinet

Our guitar speaker cabinets represent the first true advancement in
guitar speaker cab design since the first guitar amps were made early
last century. We could write a long saga about just how unique
our cabs are and why they sound better than the rest
but for now we will let the reactions of guitarists
who test them or own them or try them tell the story.
Check out this independent demo and if you want all the gory details
feel free to call and speak to Rokk Lattanzio.

TL 10 & TL 12 Subwoofers

Are professional transmission line sub-woofer enclosures, not just big boxes with a sub
driver dropped in and a port added to compensate for inadequate size. 
The transmission line internal design concept utilised in our subs eliminates the need for
a tuning port by directing the internal air movement through a series of chambers
creating the effect of an infinite baffle.Put more simply it means these subs deliver tight
accurate extended low frequencies without the over-hyped boomey, spongy upper bass boost
present in ported sub-woofers. They are a perfect addition to any studio monitoring system,
small club sound system or serious home theatre system.